Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Nissan Sunny showcased in India

Nissan India, the Indian counterpart of the Japanese Automobile manufacturer, Nissan has unveiled their new car, Nissan Sunny in Indian auto market. Finally, after a long wait and speculations of many dates, Nissan Sunny is showcased in Mumbai. There were many rumors holding around about the change of the car's name but, it has been named Nissan Sunny only. The word 'Sunny' depicts the Sun God and denotes a new beginning which sounds to be a lovely name. Mr. Kiminobu Tokuyama, Managing Director & CEO of NMIPL and Mr. Dinesh Jain, CEO of Hover Automotive India liven the occasion of the Nissan Sunny showcase by their presence.

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Nissan Sunny has sold 16 million units of the Sunny throughout the world. Sunny has been launched in China and will also be seen in Canadian and Mexican auto markets also. Thus Nissan Sunny India is actually a globally recognized car. Nissan Sunny Price is speculated to be Rs. 8 lakh or above. The Nissan Sunny is expected to come with a 1.5 litre DCi diesel engine which is quite different when compared with the engine of the Nissan Micra hatchback plus, a 1.6 litre petrol engine is also available so that the people who love the performance of the petrol engine do not repel back. Both the petrol and diesel engines are to be highly fuel efficient due to the dual injectors. The diesel engine can return a maximum power of 85 bhp or more while the petrol can fetch more than 100 hp.

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Nissan Sunny has latest interior and exterior design and great performance. Nissan Sunny India resembles a lot to the U.S. Nissan Sunny Sedan. Nissan Sunny may face a huge competition from the present rivals in the Indian market such as, the Ford Fiesta, Hyundai Verna, Fiat Linea and Maruti Suzuki SX4.

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