Friday, 2 December 2011

New Mercedes Benz SL set for December launch

With light weight cars concerned the car industry is going under a transformation and Mercedes-Benz is the one. With this Mercedes-Benz is coming with its new Mercedes Benz SL roadster which will make its way in India in light weight car segment. This car will launch in the coming month and its customers need not to wait long as this is the deadline time.Mercedes Benz SL Price Price is still under speculation.

According to Mercedes Benz SL Pictures, this car has a different look as it’s a car with the aluminium body frame. The company has used this aluminium as it has a virtue of being light weight in nature. Its exterior is superb and makes you fall in love in one sight.  Interior gives a luxury feeling as it’s offered by a luxury car manufacturer. It offers you a COMAND infotainment system which allows to access information, entertainment and communication and it also include Bluetooth receiver and a larger colour display. This car is offered with various colour variant like, Storm Red Metallic, Steel Gray Metallic, Quartz Blue Metallic, Palladium Silver Metallic, Mars Red, Majestic Black Metallic, Iridium silver Metallic, Diamond White Metallic and Black colour variants.

Mercedes Benz SL Review describe that it is powered by 4966cc engine which offers you 6.3kmpl of mileage in city and 7.6kmpl on highway. This car comes with only petrol version. Its light weight factor makes it unique as it has involved aluminium in its manufacturing. Some car manufacturer is considering carbon-fibre which is lighter than aluminium in developing a light weight car. But aluminium gives you stability as in carbon-fibre is not possible. The interest of light weight cars are much than before. As light weight cars gives a better fuel efficiency the car manufacturer are attracted towards the production of light weight cars. Maruti India and Mahindra and Mahindra are also keen in producing light weight car.

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