Thursday, 27 December 2012

Open Forum Launched by CarDekho, the leading auto-portal of India, today brings yet another platform for the car-buffs of the country where they can question/answer/talk about/debate over/write about/read about/watch/discuss or do pretty much anything and everything that they have ever wanted to when it comes to the one passion in their lives – Cars., an all-new online forum from the makers of CarDekho that opens up an exciting, easy-to-cruise and devoid-of-nothing arena where car-lovers can come, initiate and join in query- and discussion-sessions and communicate with not only fellow enthusiasts like themselves but also with experts from the CarDekho panel and other recognized sources on the Web.

All a visitor has to do is register on the site, which is accomplished via a simple-enough set of steps, and start a thread for the discussion that they wish to begin. Once registered, the facebook profiles of users get linked with their accounts on the CarDekho Forum, and once that is done, the users can rest assured that any activity along a thread that they are joined with won't ever skip their notice as every update would be transferred to them through the 'All-knowing' facebook network. Car sessions on this open-to-all forum can vary over an expansive range of topics covering the latest models out in the market, the existing ones that are doing brilliantly well or those that are miserably failing to do so, troubles that keeping popping everyday with rides, car loan and insurance plan options that the market offers and the most promising deals amongst them, the best dealers in town and anything else that falls in the vicinity of a four-wheeled beauty on the move.

But, if you are not so crazy about cars as some of the die-hard fans but are interested in talking about matters concerning the other websites of the CarDekho group like BikeDekho, MobileDekho, PriceDekho or FutureDekho, you are more than welcome to go ahead and create an account. Titled as the 'Car'Dekho forum does not compel this platform dedicated to talks and conversations to let down those willing to communicate with other people on topics other than cars. And when we are talking about limits and restrictions, another thing that you need to know is that this forum does not stop even at the boundaries of this particular group of websites; it goes way beyond. Through the Off-topic section of the forum, visitors can delve into discussions that could be as far from these topics as is possible. Be it the dirty game of politics, the compulsorily favourite Indian sport of Cricket, the glittering world of fashion and cinema or the wildlife, for that matter, you are free to open a session whenever you feel like.

Hard-core car-fans ourselves, we understand that cars create a longing that cannot be satisfied by words alone and that's the reason why forum.cardekho envelops much more than sections dedicated to exchange of words. Here, on this website, visitors will find pictures coming straight from the industry, videos showing the most scintillating rides on the go, a special segment created for relaying the most thrilling happenings of motor-shows being held across the globe, expert reviews, user reviews, exclusive road tests that were penned down but not put up for display ever before and much more than that, keeping nothing away from those who take popular cars to the level of 'most popular' and spend the cash that transforms good sellers into best-sellers.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Maruti Alto 800- In and Out

Maruti Suzuki, the largest car manufacturer in India has once again proved to be the number one in Indian markets after the launch of Maruti Alto 800. This is a small car available in about seven variants out of which four variants runs on the petrol fuel and the rest of them runs on the CNG fuel. What really impressive about these Maruti cars is that they are impressive in terms of mileage efficiency. This small car has been launched as a replacement for one of the most popular Maruti cars, Maruti 800. It has also got the Alto branding, which is really exciting for the customers. When we just take a look at the Maruti Alto 800 pictures, we will get a feel that the size of the car is increased to provide more space. The appearance of the car is simple and pretty decent but elegant that suits to your style. If we just take a look at the Maruti Alto 800 specifications, we will find that the engine is less powerful. It is equipped with 0.8 liter 3 cylinder engine with 796cc displacement capacity that makes just 47.3 Bhp of maximum power and 69 Nm of maximum torque. This does not seems to be impressive but considering the body weight, it might not be a problem for the driver to accelerate the vehicle.
Maruti Alto 800
When it comes to the features of the car, the base has not got any important or standard features but the mid range model has got air conditioner and the top end variant has got the air bag. Apart from these there is nothing special about the features of the car but the impressive thing would be its mileage efficiency. The petrol car can offer 22.74 Kmpl of mileage and the CNG car will offer a whooping mileage of about 30Kmpl of mileage. This is something more that you can get for the price of this hatch. As far as performance is concerned, the car is capable of delivering decent performance and most of the owners have expressed their satisfaction towards the car. Maruti Alto 800
Although some of the Maruti Alto 800 review expose some of the drawbacks of the car but it is acceptable considering the price tag. This car is complete worth for money and it is the best you can get at the price under Rs. 3.0 lakh. The new Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 price starts at just 2.47 lakh and the maximum price of the top end variant is at just Rs. 3.61 lakh, which is far more than competitive. It would be sensible to put your money on this small car as it is good in all aspects of a vehicle. 

Monday, 17 December 2012

Maruti Ertiga gains lead against Mahindra Quanto

Maruti is the ruling manufacturer of hatchback cars in the Indian car market, company had launched Maruti Ertiga a MPV in Indian car market which is performing quite well since its launch, by getting almost 33000 bookings in a month. Ertiga is going to be a tough contender for Toyota Innova ( ruling MPV in Indian car market), Mahindra Quanto or we can say Mini Xylo, and many vehicles which lies in price bracket of Rs.5 lakh to Rs. 10 lakh. Quanto is basically a smaller version of  Mahindra Xylo. Mahindra is the ruling company in Indian SUV car market from a long time and recently mid size car was launched by the company, Mahindra Quanto. Maruti Ertiga price ranges from Rs. 5.90 lakhs to Rs. 8.60 lakh, whereas Mahindra Quanto Price is tagged at Rs. 5.99 lakhs and varies up to Rs. 7.57 lakhs.
Maruti Ertiga
MPV from Maruti is available in the market in seven different models with both petrol and diesel engine options. On the other hand mini version of Xylo is available in 4 different models with diesel engine only. Heart of Maruti Ertiga is blessed with 1.4 liter petrol engine with displacement of 1373cc. Engine is capable of producing the power of 93.7bhp with the peak torque of 130Nm. Car can accelerate from 0-100 in 15 seconds. Diesel variant of the car comes with 1.3 liter turbojet DDiS Diesel engine which is capable enough to produce the power of 88.7bhp with peak torque of 202.2Nm. Car can accelerate from 0-100 in just 15.5 seconds. Both the variants of MPV are offering the top speed of 155 km/-hr.
Maruti Ertiga
Mini SUV from Mahindra is available in the market in four different models all with diesel engines. Heart of mini SUV is blessed with sub 1.5 liter diesel engine, which can produce a power of 100bhp @ 3750rpm with peak torque of 240Nm @ 1600-2800rpm. Engine of the car is basically a toned down version of Mahindra mHawk 2.2 liter engine. Car is equipped with five speed manual transmission gearbox. Mini SUV can accelerate from 0-100 in just a time gap of 17.41 seconds. It is expected that next generation Mahindra Quanto will be having a rear wheel drive which will zoom up the car.
At present some Mahindra cars are already running on Indian roads like Xylo, XUV 500, Scorpio.
Maruti cars which are already running on roads are  Alto,  A-Star, and many more.

Follow the mind-boggling tips and buy or sell a used car with ease

There was a time, when buying or selling used cars was a matter of great headache for many people. The transaction of a pre-owned car is still not that trivial, only the process of finding a prospective buyer or seller has got better. With the help of electronic media and advanced technology, you can advertise your need anywhere, anytime. There will be no dearth of responses. Choose the right offer and the deal is yours. A perfect procedure and a correct decision are all what you need to buy or sell a used car.

Check out the tips to find out what you should do during the selling and buying process.

While you are selling your used car:

  • Assess the exact price: Decide on a selling price which suits the actual condition of your car. Check all the functions of your car. Zero in on the price according to the kilometer run and the consumption of fuel. If you aren’t sure about doing it yourself, then get help from any skilled automobile mechanic.

  • Advertise well: You need to reach up to your prospective customers. Publish ads on Internet and other media. Your ad must contain recent pictures of your car, all the necessary details regarding the machines and the selling price. Contact trustworthy and good websites and newspapers to attract right customers.

  • Find out the perfect buyer: Don’t get overwhelmed if you get a lot of responses. Choosing the right buyer is not always easy. Talk to the interested people and gather required information. As soon as you find the right buyer, sell your car and complete all the needed official procedures.

Thinking of buying a used car:

  • Evaluate your needs: You may have some specific demands in your mind while looking for a used car. Make a list and search accordingly. Don’t compromise with any of your needs and try to find a car within suitable price range.

  • Research for good deal on price: So, you have a particular model in your wish list. Search and compare well to find out the affordable price. Bargaining can fetch you the best deal.

  • Check the car’s condition: As soon as you find the best deal, meet the seller and ask to check the car’s condition yourself. With the permission of your seller, you can consult any good mechanic and be sure of the machinery.

  • Don’t forget the paperwork: Ask for the papers of the car and check the original registration certificate too. It’s the most important part of the deal. Neglecting fair paperwork is not at all advisable.

All said and done, now you only need to use your intellect and alertness in order to seal the deal according to your demands.

Friday, 14 December 2012

2013 Range Rover launched with many variants

In one of the biggest launches of the year, the British luxury car manufacturer has launched the Range Rover in India at a price starts at Rs. 1.72 crore (ex-showroom price New Delhi). It is available in the market in about three variants code named Vogue SE, Autobiography diesel and Autobiography petrol. Among these three variants, Autobiography petrol is the top and variant and it carries the price tag of Rs. 1.84 crore and the midrange model Autobiography diesel carries a price of Rs. 1.79 crore. It is perhaps the biggest launches of the year in India and the Tata motors owned jaguar cars will be looking forward to increase their sales in the Indian market but the Range Rover price seems to be very expensive for the Indian customers. There are many things to discuss about this new vehicle, which is hosting some of the lavish features like no other luxury SUV in the market.

Land Rover Range Rover

Most importantly the weight of its body has gone lighter by upto 400 KG, which will prove helpful for driver to have a smooth control over the vehicle. The company has made a lot of modifications to this vehicle in terms of its interior and exterior as well. There is no doubt that this is the vehicle for which you should look for as helps you to make a style statement with elegance.
Land Rover Range Rover
To talk about the Range Rover features and cutting edge technology, it is integrated some of the state-of-art features that offers the high end luxury on the go. When it comes to the engine specifications, the low end and mid level variants comes with same engine specifications such as 8 cylinder 4.4 liter diesel engine with 4 valves per cylinder. This 4.4 liter engine can churn out an immense power of about 335 Bhp and makes a torque power of about 700 Nm. If it comes to the top end petrol variant, it is powered by 8-cylinder 5.0 liter petrol engine that can produce a staggering 503 Bhp of horse power and 625 Nm of torque power. The company used the cutting edge technology to design the vehicle that allows it to accelerate from 0-100 Kmph speed in just 5.1 seconds of time, which is incredible. Moreover, its lightweight body contributes for better acceleration, pickup and mileage. Interestingly all the variants are mated with automatic transmission gearbox.
Land Rover Range Rover
Terrain response 2 system will be the most interesting feature that makes the diving easier on bumpy roads and terrains. Range Rover pictures says that the SUV is coming with far better features, performance and elegance compared to previous models. Hence, make a move now to the nearest dealers to know more details about this vehicle.

Mercedes Benz C63 AMG- price, features and specifications

The German luxury auto maker Mercedes cars have recently launched the most potent version of their most cherished C-Class sedan. As per the announcement of the manufacturers, the car will be churning out a massive power of 451bhp which is far better than that of BMW M3. Alongside, the car is also adorned with a number of luxury and elegance features. All these attributes are wrapped into a single package which is not so expensive as well. The Mercedes Benz C63 AMG price is decided about Rs. 78 lakh for the Indian market.
Mercedes Benz C63 AMG
Going ahead to the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG features, the car sports a powerful 6.2 liter V8 engine which will churn out a peak power of 451bhp along with a peak torque of 443 lb-ft. both of these figures arrives with an impressive 6250RPM. Along with this, a number of elegance attributes are also installed in the vehicle which are giving it a much sportier look. These features include large performance-oriented tyres and wheels, aggressive body kinds, sportier interiors and suspension and chassis improvements. All in whole, the final product which has arrived is far better than its previous model and all other luxury vehicles running on the roads. The car is capable of reaching a speed of 0 to 100kmph in just 4.5 seconds. Along with this, the car is also arriving with an AMG performance package which increasing the power of the vehicle to 481bhp. The company professionals claim that the car will reach the 100kmph mark in just 4.3 seconds with the performance package. Recently, the manufacturers have launched quite a few Mercedes Benz C63 AMG interior pictures that are showcasing the overall look of the car, which is just out of the world.
Mercedes Benz C63 AMG
Along with being a power house and a beauty, the car is pretty fuel efficient as well. It is capable of delivering an astonishing mileage of 13 mpg in the city and 19 mpg on the highways. Both of these figures are excellent if we compare them with other cars of this segment. The engine of the car is mated with seven speed manual transmission that is a guarantee of comfortable driving. And to add into the comfort of the driver, a number of safety features are also installed in the vehicle which include ABS and ESP stability control. The Mercedes Benz C63 AMG also possesses nine supplemental restraints including two-stage front air bags, a knee air back for the driver and side air bags.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Mahindra Reva E2O to launch soon

Mahindra and Mahindra's subsidiary Mahindra Electric Vehicles Ltd has finally launched India's first electric car named as Mahindra E20 which was earlier dubbed as Reva NXR. This car will be assembled at Mahindra's new facility on the outskirts of Bangalore. Renewable sources are on a verge of extinction and the world is exploring a good alternative to petrol and diesel for running the automobiles and which can keep the environment safe. With the recent shift in the electric cars every   company around the globe has started coming up with electric cars which will be soon the future of the automobile world.
Mahindra Reva E2O
The beautiful Mahindra Reva E20 from the Mahindra cars barn is designed by DC designs and will be highly efficient and comfortable. The car will house lithium ion batteries which would produce a peak power of 39.4bhp. It takes up 8 hours time to full charge the battery and i can run for 160km in a single charge which is quite impressive. The car comes equipped with energy management system which enables car to tell about the exhausted energy. The lithium ion batteries under the hood also give good power and impressive acceleration and pickup. The batteries get 80% charged in 2.5 hours and there is a 2% energy discharge while the car is in the stands or in a traffic jam. It also comes equipped with a backup charge facility. The Mahindra Reva E20 pictures appealing, stylish and smarter looks. DC designs has given a fine compact and sophisticated design for grabbing everyone's attention on the streets. Front fascia houses a hexagonal honey combed grille with the REVA badge in centre. The grille separates the two sleek headlamps. The car has got body colored bumpers and on the side profile expressive wheel archer give the car a distinctive look.
Mahindra Reva E2O
Mahindra Reva E20 features an improves interior as compared to the Reva NXR. The high quality upholstery and cushion seats give an appealing comfort to the passengers. The two do hatchback easily adjusts four people with ample of legroom and headroom to give a comfortable and spacious ride. The interiors are sophisticated and feel very posh with the black colored plastics and fine headlining. The leather seats add to its charm and provide a feel of luxury and better posture on long journeys. The foldable rear seats provide enough space for luggage. The car gets some nice accessories like electronic infotainment, tachometer, speedometer, durable squads, and an integrated CD player. Mahindra Reva E20 price is Rs 6 lakhs and it is quite affordable and this is surely going to bring a tough competition to Nissan Leaf. Mahindra cars, Mahindra Reva E2O, Mahindra Reva E2O price, Mahindra Reva E2O features, Mahindra Reva E2O pictures.

Maruti Suzuki alto 800 repeats history by clocking 44,000 bookings

It is truly amazing that the Indian small car has done such a fabulous business like no other small car could in India. It is none other than the newly launched Maruti Suzuki Alto 800, which was launched recently in Indian markets as a replacement for the previous Maruti Suzuki Alto and Maruti 800. It was launched just a couple of weeks back in India and its bookings clocked over 44,000 (according to the company sources), which is truly unbelievable. By achieving this number, Maruti Suzuki has once again proved that it is the largest car manufacturer in India and perhaps the most favorite brand for Indian buyers. By achieving this feat, Maruti Alto 800 has once again proved that it is the number one in the Indian small car segment or perhaps the best selling car among all cars in the country. there is no doubt that is going to achieve more records in India as people are looking towards small cars in order to cut down the running cost.
Maruti Alto 800
At present Maruti cars are the best selling cars in the country, especially with the help of Alto 800. The new Maruti Alto 800 price starts at just Rs. 2.47 lakh, which is very much affordable for the Indian buyers. Moreover the Maruti alto 800 features are far impressive compared to other cars with same price. Let us discuss about the engine specifications of this new car. It comes with 796cc petrol engine with an ability to generate a power of about 47.6 Bhp of maximum power and 69 Nm of maximum torque. Its mileage efficiency is about 22.7 Kmpl, which is pretty much acceptable. It is mated with 5 speed manual transmission gearbox but there is no automatic transmission option available at the moment. It is coming in with two fuel options, one with petrol and also with CNG, which will definitely help the owners to reduce its running cost. One should look at the Maruti Alto 800 Price, which is far more than reasonable for this vehicle with such incredible specifications and features.
Maruti Alto 800
When it comes to the new Maruti Alto 800 Pictures, they suggest that the car has got some cues of Hyundai i10 because of the identical headlamps. However, one should say that the company has made a far impressive body design that adds the advantage for this most popular cars in India. Company claims that the vehicle is available with very less waiting time, which is acceptable. Hence, if you are interested then you need to make way now towards the nearest dealer to place booking before the waiting time increases.

Nissan Sunny AT – coming soon in 2013

The Japanese car manufacturing giant, Nissan is all set to launch its flagship sedan car Nissan Sunny with automatic transmission. As soon as the company announced this, it has created an interest among many individuals, who are looking to own a sedan car with AT feature. The upcoming Nissan Sunny AT will definitely help company to boost its sales in India. At present, there is only limited information available regarding this upcoming sedan car that says that includes nothing about Nissan Sunny AT price or its features. However, according to the trusted sources and according to the market experts, the automatic transmission gearbox will be fitted to the top end variant of Sunny that costs around Rs. 8.0 lakh to Rs. 8.5 lakh. However, it is going to be with petrol fuel option and there is no information regarding diesel variant with AT feature. At present, there is a lot of demand for the cars with automatic transmission option and the Japanese car manufacturer is looking to cash in the demand by launching the automatic version of Sunny in India.
Nissan Sunny
Nissan sunny was first launched in the year 2011 and since then it has created a large market space for the company in Indian. The features of this car, its performance, features, inner space and its style has attracted many Indians. Now the upcoming Nissan Sunny AT features are expected to be the same as existing version but there might be some changes depending upon the market trend. The specification of Sunny include 1.5 liter engine with a displacement capacity of 1498cc (for petrol engine) and 1461cc (for diesel engine). However, as the upcoming vehicle comes with petrol fuel option, it is expected to be equipped with 1498cc engine that can churn out a maximum horse power of 97.7 Bhp and makes a torque power of about 134 Nm. By looking at these numbers one can expect for a high performance from this car and moreover, its mileage will be around 16.95 Kmpl.
Nissan Sunny
When it comes to the most important styling part, it has a beautiful body design with impressive front view. The front view is very attractive with chrome grille, stylishly designed headlamps, body colored bumper with integrated air dam and fog lights that enhance the appearance as shown in the Nissan Sunny AT pictures. Another most important thing about this sedan car is its huge inner space that can provide comfortable seating for about 5 people. People who are looking to purchase a Nissan Sunny should consider waiting for the AT version, which is about to launch in the Indian markets sooner. Of all Nissan cars in India, Sunny is arguably the most successful car, which is one of the reasons you must consider affording this vehicle.

Honda to launch Honda Amaze compact sedan soon

Yes! The Japanese car manufacturing giant is all set to launch its first ever compact sedan car Honda Amaze by the end of this year or most probably by the first week of January 2013. Thus, we can expect that the exact launch date is just around the corner before the car is officially available for sale in the markets. At present there is no official information available with us regarding the Honda Amaze features or specifications or regarding pricing details but soon they are going to be revealed. Our trusted sources have managed to come up with some details about the car, which seems to be very interesting. This is not just a sedan car but it is a compact sedan car of less than 4 meter length that helps it to obtain tax benefits. Another most important thing about the car is that it is a diesel car powered by 1.5 liter 1498cc diesel engine that produce tremendous torque and horse power.
Honda Amaze
If you are just looking to purchase a sedan car then waiting for the upcoming Honda Amaze would prove beneficial. This new car from Honda cars will be superior in terms of fuel efficiency, performance, and comforts. Although, it is a compact sedan, company has managed well to design its interior design with comfortable inner space. Some of our trusted sources have managed to lay their hands on the testing model of Amaze, which made them really amazed. According to them, the car looks fabulous and stunning like no other compact sedan in the present market. However, it will be facing Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire and Toyota Etios sedan in Indian markets. When it comes to the Honda Amaze price in India, it is expected to be in between Rs. 7.0 lakh by considering its engine specifications and features, which would be far more than worthy.
Honda Amaze
One should have a close look at the Honda Amaze pictures that suggest that the car has Honda brio kind of appearance from the front but the rear is completely new and decent. There is no specific information regarding the official launch date of this car but experts believe that the car might launch in the month of December 2012 or January 2013, which is just about few more weeks. It would be good for all individuals who are in needs of an affordable sedan car to wait for the Honda Amaze launch date. There is no doubt that the car will return complete value for the money.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Mercedes Benz C63 AMG A Good Luxury Car from Mercedes

The Mercedes Benz C63 AMG is the most powerful and potent launch from the German luxury auto manufacturer. The car is equipped with some of the most powerful gadgets available in the industry. Just because of that, the car is capable of producing a massive power of 451 horsepower, leaving all its competitors far behind. And top of that, the price is still very affordable even though it performs such incredible performance. Just like all other cars from Mercedes, this vehicle too possess a number of performance boosting features, aggressive body kit, much sportier interior and suspension system.
Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG
The Mercedes Benz C63 AMG features a huge 6.2 liter V8 engine. The engine is capable of producing 443 lb-ft of torque and 451 horsepower. The overall output of the car is just impressive. The car is capable of reaching the speed of 0 to 100 kmph in just 4.5 seconds. For those looking for more power, the manufacturers have equipped the car with AMG Development package which is capable of boosting the power up to 481 ponies. The development package also contains a variable intake manifold painted in titanium grey under the hood.
Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG
The braking system of the car is just wonderful, just like a car of this caliber should have. Not just the performance, the car is a beauty in elegance as well. Just browse through several Mercedes Benz C63 AMG pictures and the facts will be automatically revealed. The entire body structure of the car is so designed that it catches the attention of the folks passing-by right away. The car is painted in very shiny color and the sleek design of it is sufficient to attract any sight. The car is equipped with seven-speed automatic transmission, hence capable of delivering a comfortable drive.
Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG
The outstanding handling dynamics and sports suspension are some other specifications of the car. Now someone must be contemplating the price of the car is going to give some sleepless nights. It’s obvious folks, because it’s not possible to get such beauty at less price. The Mercedes Benz C63 AMG price may seem a bit high with the tag of Rs. 7,836,195 but the features of the car completely justify with this high price. In fact, no other car having comparable features is available at this price. And not to forget, all the Mercedes cars are targeted towards a specific audience who prefer performance and elegance over the cost effectiveness. Therefore, this car is perfectly suitable for those people.

2013 Honda CR-V Another Car from Honda with Powerful Engine

One of the much awaited car 2013 Honda CR V is finally launched in South Africa and we are expecting this in India in the first quarter of 2013. This 2013 Honda CR-V is the zenith of compact-crossover space efficiency and versatility. Honda CR V Price is expected to be around twenty five to twenty eight lakhs. Car will be sold in South Africa with both petrol and diesel engine options.There would be three models of the car out of which two would be petrol and one diesel.
Honda CR-V
Two petrol engines would be the 2.0 litre and 2.4 litre i-VTEC petrol engines. The 2.0 litre petrol engine would be coming with the in-line fuel supply which would produce a maximum power of 153 bhp at a torque of 192 Nm, with four cylinder and 6 speed manual transmission gearbox and a front wheel drive. Whereas the other 2.4 litre i-VTEC petrol engine is more powerful which will produce a maximum power of 187bhp with torque of 220 Nm and with four wheel drive. Now if we talk about the diesel variant of the car it would be coming with the 2.2 litre 4 cylinder diesel engine which will produce a maximum power of 148bhp with a peak torque of 350Nm with four wheel drive and this car is coming with the 5-speed automatic gearbox which readily falls into hand.
Honda CR-V
Honda CR V Features the rear seat folding arrangement which can be easily seen in any automobile of this class, new Honda CR-V is made with the man-maximum and machine-minimum philosophy which will bring the feeling of openness in the passengers sitting inside the car. The new Honda CR-V launched in South Africa is more like Indian Honda CR-V because specification of this car is more according to the European CR-V instead of American CR-V. As per the Honda CR V pictures there is a perfect balance between the car and an SUV in each and every aspect including the exterior design. This car can be used for both casual and formal occasion. Significant steps have been taken in all new Honda CR-V for sound reduction, entering in the cabin sound insulation material have been installed in the floor mates along with sound absorption hardware applied to rear door, rear wheel arches, door frames, front bulkhead and bonnet. Double seal is also provided on door frames so there is reduction in noise entering in compartment.
Honda CR-V
As per the news it is not sure that the diesel variant will be launched in India or not so at present we can expect only the two petrol variants in the country which are 2.0 litre and 2.4 litre i-VTEC petrol engine, similar to the versions launched in South Africa. Honda Cars is already selling its current Honda CR-V in the country.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Volkswagen Polo Automatic has good features

The German car manufacturer Volkswagen is planning to launch Volkswagen Polo Automatic somewhere in the month of December or by the first quarter of 2013. It seems like most companies are lining up for the New Year to launch new models in order to cash in the demand during the star of New Year. There is no better time than the starting period or the ending period of the year when the sales of products will be on all time high. Moreover, the demand for the automatic cars is also soaring, which will add to the increase of sales. The German automaker has made a right move by announcing the car with automatic transmission option as most of the companies are now making introducing their models with this comfort features. When it comes to the case of Volkswagen cars, they are in good position at the moment but lags behind Asian car companies like Honda, and Maruti Suzuki in terms of sales.
Volkswagen Polo
The upcoming Volkswagen Polo is expected to carry 1.6 liter petrol engine that used to come in Volkswagen Polo’s top end variant. Thus, we can expect for a great performance with this upcoming Volkswagen Polo automatic, which is set to arrive sooner than later in the coming season. At present the new Volkswagen Polo features include all the standard features such as air conditioner, CD player, ABS, central locking, power windows, power steering and various other important features that make you irresistible about the car. Volkswagen polo price is not yet announced by the company but it will reveal on the day of its official launch. This car was first entered the Indian markets in the year 2010 and since then it hasn’t appeared in the Indian markets with any modification or any changes. Its top end model was discontinued by the company and now the company is looking to bring it back with automatic transmission feature that will enhance the luxury provided by the car.
Volkswagen Polo
At this point of time, we can’t say that car will be receiving a modification to its exterior and it is expected to remain the same as its existing version as we can see in the Volkswagen Polo Pictures. The car already has a beautiful design like no other hatchback in the present market. Its heads turning body design is just as impressive as other Volkswagen cars. On the whole, the car is packed with powerful specifications, lavish features, mileage and performance. Volkswagen Polo Launch date is just around the corner in the month of December and it will steal the market thunder.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Auto loan concerns - How much of a car loan can you take out?

You’ve always dreamt of owning that stunning car in the showroom but couldn’t afford to buy one due to limited funds. Although there are countless lenders in the market ready to provide you with car loans, there are several important things to consider before you sign on the dotted line. Taking out loans to purchase a car isn’t tough if you have two basic things – adequate income and a sound credit score. Car loan terms are generally offered for a minimum of 24 months and a maximum of 84 months. Although a longer term means a lower payment, it might not be your best financial option. Moreover, a borrower's term and loan amount is based on credit, so borrowers don’t have the lowest interest rate options obtainable to you. Consider your present and future finances before you purchase a car. Therefore, consider your existing and future funds ahead of purchasing a car.

Rates and terms

Normally, lenders offer the analogous rate of interest for loan tenures up to 60 months. In case you intend to borrow for an extended time period, consider your prospective intentions and net repayment amount. Seven years is quite a lengthy time to possess a vehicle, and even though it may reduce your car prices amount for the automobile you want, you need to pay a higher rate of interest. A shorter term allows you to generate equity in your car quicker, enabling you to sell or trade secretly when the time is appropriate. Moreover, you may use a car loan calculator to estimate the differences in overall payback and payment amount.

Obtain a preapproval

Before you go out to shop, consider getting a pre-approval. That way, you’ll come to know your rate of interest and the total amount you can expect to borrow. It’s possible for you to get a pre-approval from any local bank by filling out a loan application or speaking to the lending division. Car loan lenders can increase interest rates for profit, to the extent of 3 percent in some cases. If you intend to buy at car dealers, getting a pre-approval guarantees the rate you already received, even if the dealer tries to hit it to save you cash. If you don’t have a pre-approval, you won’t know the actual rate you qualify for.


Ahead of deciding what amount of car loan you can take out, plan out your monthly budget and the sum you can afford to pay per month for your vehicle. Try to keep your monthly expenses below 45 percent of your overall monthly income. These expenses include grocery, gas, fuel, and insurance premiums. When you’ve planned out a proper budget, enter your car pricing details into an auto loan calculator. This’ll help you in deciding your maximum loan amount to buy within your resources.
If you want to buy a car then Chevrolet Sail hatchback and Maruti Suzuki Swift are nice hatchbacks, you can think about that.

Chevrolet Sail hatchback and Maruti Suzuki Swift are nice hatchbacks

India is one of the emerging markets in the four wheeler segment, which is attracting the global car manufacturers. However, the sky high fuel prices forcing the car companies to come up with fuel efficient yet high performing cars in to the markets. Recently, General Motor’s Indian wing has come up with the Chevrolet Sail hatchback to India, which seems to have very good features and specifications. Moreover, it is placed in a very affordable price range that helps the budget buyers to own it. Newly launched Chevrolet Sail price starts at just Rs. 4.44 lakh, which is very competitive for a car with huge inner space and powerful engine. There is another car from Maruti cars called Maruti Swift that fall in the segment of Sail hatchback. At present, these are the two vehicles that you need to take a look because they come with similar features, specifications and pricing. Let us compare both these cars in order to make out the best one.

As far as styling is concerned, both the cars have unique styling signal that catches the eyes in the first impression. Although they are hatchbacks with sub 4 meter length, they offer huge inner space that can provide comfortable seating for about 5 members. When it comes to engine comparison, the Chevrolet Sail comes with two engine options or fuel options diesel and petrol. The diesel variant is powered by 4-cylinder, 1.3 liter engine with 1248cc displacement capacity where as petrol variant comes with 4-cylinder, 1.2 liter engine with a displacement of around 1199cc capacity. Even Maruti Swift comes with 1.3 liter diesel engine and 1.2 liter petrol engine that allows customers to choose according to their requirements and according to budget. Both the Sail hatchback and Swift comes with front wheel drive option and they are mated with 5 speed manual transmission gearbox. It is truly difficult to make out the best one by just comparing the engine specifications as both the cars generates identical Horse power, Torque power and delivers identical performances along with identical mileage.

At present, newly launched Sail hatchback is considered being the most fuel efficient of all Chevrolet cars in India and they also meets the Bharat IV emission standards, which is impressive. When we make a close comparison, we will be able to find that Sail has a lot of boot space of about 243 liter compared to Swift’s 232 liters. One of the most important things about Sail is that it comfortable driving experience by offering wide viewing angles better than Swift. Moreover, it is a new car in the market and the Maruti Swift Price is little higher than Chevrolet Sail Hatchback.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

2013 Range Rover launched in India, price starts at Rs. 1.72 crore

One of the most anticipated vehicles 2013 Range Rover is finally here in India launched at Mumbai with a price of Rs. 1.72 crore. This SUV is launched in about three variants such as The Vogue SE, Autobiography and the top end Autobiography petrol. The Range Rover price starts at Rs. 1.72 crore (Vogue SE) and it goes up to Rs. 1.84 crore (for Autobiography petrol), which is very expensive. According to the jaguar cars, the newly launched Range Rover is the first ever car with all-aluminum monocoque and also claims to be the largest body panel among automotives.
Land Range Rover
The body shell of this vehicle is lighter of just about 400Kg that indeed enhances the pickup and acceleration of the vehicle along with fuel efficiency. The company claims that the cabin space is improved that provides better comforts for the rear seat passengers. The wheelbase of the car is also increased to 40mm, which is more than the previous model. Good news is that the legroom space of the middle row has been increased to about 118mm, which will enhance the lavishness of the SUV. When it comes to the ground clearance, it has gone up by 18mm compared to its previous version, which makes it one of the most formidable SUVs in the markets with a lot of efficiency. The new Range Rover Features include all the top end features that define the luxury and lavishness of an SUV. The company has once again proved itself that it is the maker of best luxury vehicles in the world by launching the 2013 Range Rover. It has got the all new Terrain Response 2 System in the auto setting, which indeed regulates the suspension system depending upon the terrain it travels. Now, the engine of this vehicle is power by 8 cylinder engine that makes superior power and torque for a better pickup or acceleration.
Land Range Rover
As far as Range Rover Pictures are concerned, the appearance is just awesome as ever. Although, the entire body design just appears like previous model, it has got something new look that simply catches the eyes in the first impression. Two of its variants are powered by 4.4 liter diesel engine and the top end variant is powered by 5.0 liter petrol engine that gives the actual pleasure of driving. The price of this vehicle is considerably expensive for Indian markets but look at the features and specifications of the SUV that makes you thrive for the vehicle. moreover, it is coming with high quality body panel that is simply the best in automotive segment.

Friday, 30 November 2012

Honda Amaze An Entry Level Diesel Coming Soon

Japanese auto giant Honda Motor corp is all set to launch its first entry level diesel sedan the Honda Amaze based on the Honda Brio hatchback car in India during the first half of the next fiscal year. The new Honda Amaze which will be undraped on November 23, 2012 in Thailand, is especially designed for quenching the growing demand of diesel cars in the Asian markets. The sub-four-meter saloon is going to amaze the growing middle class customers in India, who aspire of owning a sedan, by less excise duty costs. The first diesel vehicle by the Honda, will be powered with a spanking new 1.5 liter Earth Dreams i-DTEC turbo-diesel engine which is mated to a 5 speed manual gearbox. The all new aluminum diesel engine designed by the Honda's F1 engineers which makes the sedan only 26 kg heavier than the Brio hatchback, is expected to give an ARAI certified mileage of not less than 24 km/l. The petrol variant of the Honda Amaze will inherit the same 1.2 liter i-VTEC petrol engine, from the Brio and the Jazz hatchbacks which gives 88 bhp of power and 109 NM of torque.
Honda Amaze
The Honda Amaze pictures compact design concept, it is 3990 mm long, 1680 mm wide and 1485 mm high which will lure customers with its astonishing spacious interiors yet compact exteriors. It is designed to easily accommodate 5 passengers and would offer ample of cargo space. The Honda Amaze offers folding rear seats with armrests for the rear passengers and large remote boot space. The light-tan colored interiors, with leather upholstery and a neat dashboard gives an executive look. Honda Amaze features - electric door mirrors on both sides, remote fuel filler and music controls on the steering are par for the course in the segment.
Honda Amaze
Honda cars have created a niche for providing luxurious sedans with class comfort and convenience features with safety features which ensure a safe ride to its customers. It offers airbags for the driver and the front passenger with three pin seat belts for all of the passengers. Integrated fog lamps on the body colored bumpers, ABS, EBD and disk brakes on the front tires and drum brakes on the rear ensure of a safe ride.
Honda Amaze
The new Honda Amaze could prove to be an another great option from the Honda cabal, apart from the current favorite Honda City. We speculate the Honda Amaze price would be between Rs. 7 lakhs( for the base petrol variant) to Rs. 9 lakhs( top-end diesel variant), which would offer a stiff competition to its rivals like the bulky Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire, Tata Indigo ECS,  Tata Indigo Manza, Nissan Sunny and upcoming sub-four-meter Mahindra Verito. 

Volkswagen Vento CNG Cost will be More Than Petrol Variant

German auto major Volkswagen's Indian arm, is all set to bring the Volkswagen Vento CNG variant to the Indian shores by the year end. In an attempt to become the biggest manufacturer in the world, Volkswagen launched the VW Vento in the Indian market based on the VW Polo hatchback back in 2010, since then the sedan has been a hit among the local customers. The increase in the petrol prices in the past few months has led to an increase in the demand of diesel and CNG cars in India. And VW doesn't want to be left behind seeing the Honda India gearing up for launching the Honda City sedan diesel variant. However, the CNG variant is currently in the testing phase and the CNG kit's performance specifications are not available yet, but VW would leave no scope for complaints before the final launch.
Volkswagen Vento
Volkswagen cars have already proven their caliber of adapting to any market conditions and is known for providing amazing range of features with a world class build quality. The new Volkswagen Vento features storage compartments in front doors, front and rear armrests, spacious glove box with sunglass storage unit and foldable roof handles. Volkswagen Vento offers its wide range of customers to choose from a fine Livon fabric upholstery and a leather upholstery, which convey the classic design elements of the Volkswagen cars in a contemporary way. On the exteriors, Volkswagen Vento pictures the similar body colored bumpers and exterior door handles, front grille with chrome strip and the classic VW badge. The increased ground clearance would prove worthy during the rough rides. The safety features would include ABS, airbags for the driver and the front passenger and Anti theft system with interior surveillance. 
Volkswagen Vento
The reports say that the CNG variant of the Volkswagen Vento is expected to cost Rs 40,000 more than the petrol variant. Besides Volkswagen's aggressive strategy of putting the Volkswagen Vento price tag at an affordable range, the company may also offer a factory warranty on the CNG kit to lure the customers in order to gain a lead over its competent diesel and CNG variants from the Tata and the Japanese auto major, Honda Motor Corp. However, there are no final words from the Volkswagen camp whether its planning on to provide an upgrade option to its existing Volkswagen  Vento petrol version owners. But, it is sure that the Volkswagen's Vento CNG variant would easily find its way to success and fame in the constantly emerging Indian car industry.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe Comes With Powerful Engine

The German Auto giant BMW has launched the whole new BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe in Indian markets with an expensive price of Rs. 86.4 lakh. This vehicle will be placed among the high end luxury cars segment in India that will compete with German rival Mercedes, Jaguar and Audi. It is a fabulous car that includes everything for your comfort while on the go. The all new BMW 6 Series is the first ever four door coupe from BMW manufacturing facility and it will carry a powerful engine design that will deliver exceptional performance. The body design of this vehicle is beautifully crafted by the company that turns the heads on the roads. The front view is simply impressive as other BMW cars in the auto market. It will be just more than a fabulous ride for those who travel in this vehicle. There is no distance longer for this BMW 6 Series as it will offer the lavishness to the travelers on the go and moreover it is high in terms of performance.
BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe
It is important to discuss about the BMW 6 Series features and specifications of this first ever, four-door Gran coupe from BMW. It is equipped with a powerful 3.0 liter engine with a displacement capacity of 2993cc that can churn out 313 Bhp of peak power at 4400 Rpm and makes 630 Nm of peak torque at 2500 Rpm, which is amazing. This will let the driver to enjoy the power and performance of the car while on the go. This will allow the driver to scale down the longer distance to shorter while experiencing the lavish comforts in the car. It will be available with diesel fuel option that can cope up with Indian markets. BMW 6 Series has introduced in Indian auto market for the first time Gran Coupe, targeting to regain its market position competing against its rivals Audi and the Mercedes-Benz.
BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe
According to the company, this Gran Coupe can offer seating for about 4 members but it can actually provide seating for 5 members. There is nothing to complain about this car as it got everything that you are looking in a premium luxury car. However, the BMW 6 Series price is a bit too high as it coming in as a CBU (Completely Built-in Unit) in to the Indian markets. If the company can arrange a manufacturing facility in Indian then the price of this luxury car will come down to reach many more people. BMW 6 Series Pictures are far more than impressive that makes you amazed every time when you take a look at this car. Hence, make a move towards the nearest BMW store to place an order for this vehicle.  I recently updated that Tata Safari Storme the latest SUV from Tata Motors.

Tata Safari Storme the latest SUV from Tata Motors

Finally, the new Tata Safari Storme has made its way to the Indian markets with a base price tag of just Rs. 9.95 lakh, which is far more than impressive. The company has managed to roll out a powerful SUV with unique features and specifications with an amazing price tag. There are many companies in the four wheeler sector that are eying the Indian markets as the demand is high for SUVs in India. Now the Indian SUV manufacturer, Tata cars has came up with the new version of Tata Safari Storme, which is about to set the Indian markets on fire. It is a multipurpose cum sports utility vehicle that can deal with all kinds of roads in India and helps the travelers to experience a comfortable ride all through the roads. The most impressive thing about this vehicle would be its irresistible price tag. The vehicle comes at an affordable and a reasonable price tag, which is less compared to its features and other specifications.
Tata Safari Storme
The front view of the vehicle has simply got better as it got the Land Rover kind of treatment that simply enhances the front view of this SUV. The rear view is also looks better than the previous version as it has got a kind of metallic finish with stylish TATA logo. However, the rear view appears just like the previous Safari, which is not so impressive but good. This vehicle is equipped with 2.2 liter VariCOR diesel engine that makes up a maximum power of about 137.2 Bhp of maximum power and makes up a maximum torque of about 320 Nm, which is impressive. It will be a good vehicle for those who are looking for a high performing SUV cars in the markets. However, we can’t expect for mileage efficiency from this SUV as it is powered by a 2.2 liter engine with high displacement capacity.
Tata Safari Storme
This new vehicle will be competing with the Mahindra Scorpio, Mahindra Xylo in the SUV segment in the Indian four wheeler markets. The new Tata Safari Storme Features include ABS along with couple of most important features, which are missing in the some other cars. What really impressive is that the company has managed to integrate ABS in the base variant of Storme, which you can’t get it for a price under Rs. 10.0 lakh. The Tata Safari Storme Price starts at just Rs. 9.95 lakh for the base variant that includes several features. Tata Safari Storme Pictures seeming to be decent with next generation appearance that turns the heads while passing on roads. I recently shared that Maruti Ritz automatic is coming soon to markets.

Maruti Ritz automatic, coming soon to markets

India’s largest car maker Maruti Suzuki is all set to launch Maruti Ritz as the sixth car with automatic transmission gearbox from its family. The news regarding its automatic transmission option is setting up waves across the markets as it has excited many in the Indian car market. It will bring the cheer in many families and individuals with the automatic transmission option. At present most companies have managed to come up with the AT option in their existing cars and have done well in terms of sales. Well, Maruti Suzuki is also looking to cash in the success of their best selling Maruti Ritz by launching it with automatic transmission option. According to the sources, the company is just few days away from launching this AT variant in Indian markets in order to cash in the craze for this most popular passenger car in India. Market experts believe that the Maruti Ritz price might be placed in the Rs. 5.5 lakh to Rs. 6.0 lakh price bracket, which will be competitive.
Maruti Ritz
Earlier this year in September, the company has launched the facelift version of Ritz and got closer to the consumers. Since then there were rumors that the largest car maker of India might launch the automatic version in this year to improve the sales. There is no information regarding the official date of launch of Ritz automatic but soon we can expect that the car will hit the Indian markets. The company has also provided details regarding its specifications but has not provided any details about the number of variants. however, according to the trusted sources, the vehicle will be launched in just one variant and that too with petrol fuel option, which is a bit disappointing news for diesel car lovers.
Maruti Ritz
To discuss about the Maruti Ritz features and technical specifications, it is coming with 4-cylinder, 1.2 liter petrol engine with a displacement of about 1197cc. The engine has the ability to produce a peak power of about 85.26 Bhp of maximum power at 6000 Rpm and 113 Nm of peak torque at 4500 Rpm, which is far more than impressive. However, it is mated with just 4 speed manual transmission gearbox which can help the car to give away just 18.2 Kmpl of average mileage. The company might make few changes to its appearance as we can see in the Maruti Ritz pictures of the facelift version that was launched recently. Of all Maruti cars, Maruti Ritz has the special craze as this tall boy is brilliant in terms of performance and moreover it is very stylish than any other hatchback in its segment. I shared that Hyundai i10 diesel to arrive in the first quarter of 2013.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Hyundai i10 diesel to arrive in the first quarter of 2013

Yes! The news regarding the diesel version of Hyundai i10 diesel is confirmed by the Hyundai Motors India and the launch will be in the first quarter of 2013. However, there is no information from the company regarding the diesel version of i10 with automatic transmission. Markets sources are hoping that the company might launch the automatic version as well. This news has created waves across the four wheeler market in India and led the company to receive many queries regarding the vehicle. Market experts believe that the vehicle will carry a1.2 liter 4 cylinder diesel cars engine with 4 valves per cylinder. Its displacement is around 1120cc capacity that can churn out 75 Bhp of peak power at 4000 Rpm and makes 155 Nm of peak torque at 1900 Rpm, which is incredible. It will be mated with 5 speed manual transmission gearbox that helps the bike to deliver an exceptional mileage. By looking at the Hyundai i10 pictures, one can say that the vehicle comes with 4 doors and offer seating arrangement for about 5 members. The Hyundai i10 price will be in the price bracket of Rs. 5.0 lakh to Rs. 6.0 lakh (ex showroom price), which will be aggressive.
Hyundai i10
At this point of time it is difficult to provide details about Hyundai I10 Features as the company hasn’t provided any such details. However, it is expected to come with features such as power steering, ABS, power windows, central locking system, air conditioner and many more features that make it a luxury hatchback cars segment. At present the i10 is probably the best of all Hyundai cars in India as it is cost efficient, mileage efficient and high performing. Although, there is strict competition arriving from Honda and Maruti Suzuki in hatchback segment, Hyundai has managed to come on top by offering quality products to its customers. Now, the company is focusing strictly on rolling out a quality product in the form of Hyundai i10 diesel. According to the sources, the company is focusing strictly on the quality of their products, which indeed is good news for Hyundai lovers.
Hyundai i10
The car is all set to come to the markets in the first quarter of 2013 to heat up the hatchback car segment. There is no wonder if the Hyundai i10 diesel comes on top of the markets overtaking the sales of Maruti Suzuki in India. It is a perfect Indian family car that offers comfortable inner space and at the same time, it allows you to make a style statement in your community. Ford motor has showcased its upcoming much awaited Ford EcoSport in the Auto Expo 2012.

Make this Festive Season more special with the all new Chevrolet Sail

Chevrolet, one of the most popular car manufacturer in the world, is now seems to be trying to stretch the four wheeler market in India. The company has now come up with the all new Chevrolet Sail, which is carrying the flagship of hatchback Chevrolet cars in India. This car is coming in seven variants, four of which are petrol variants and other three are diesel variants. The car will also be available in seven different colors such as misty lake, sand rift grey, caviar black, linen beige summit white, switchblade silver and super red. This four-wheeler comes with extraordinary features that place the all new Chevrolet Sail hatchback among the luxury hatchbacks in the industry. However, many features are missing in the base and low end variant of the Chevrolet hatchback cars and hence, it may not be a good option for those who look for high end features. This model will be available in most parts of the country in more than 213 cities as said by the company.
Chevrolet Sail
The company has focused more on its engine specifications in order to roll out the best car according to the Indian standards. The engine of both petrol and diesel versions meets the Bharat Stage-IV emission standards, which is pretty impressive. To discuss more about the engine specifications, the design of the engine is of high standards that deliver high performance better than any other hatchback. The petrol engine is having 1199cc displacement with a capacity to generate 84.28 Bhp of maximum power and 113Nm of maximum torque. The diesel variant comes with 1248cc displacement that can produce 76.48 Bhp and 205Nm of maximum torque of 205Nm. Both these vehicles come with 5 speed manual transmission gearbox. At present the company has not provided the automatic transmission option to any of the newly launched vehicle. Chevrolet is going to dominate the Indian market in the coming years.
Chevrolet Sail
The all new Chevrolet Sail features include most of the comfort and convenience features such as power steering, power windows, air conditioner and many. However, features like music system, Bluetooth connectivity, ABS (anti-lock braking system) and few other features are missing in the low end versions of this hatchback. This is the reason why the Chevrolet sail price of the base variant is at just Rs. 4.44 Lakh. Moreover, the base variant is available with only petrol fuel options, which will increase the cost of running. One would definitely fall in love with the all new Chevrolet sail pictures because the appearance of the vehicle is very stylish and decent compared to other hatchbacks. It would be good for Indian families for multipurpose travelling as it is good at performance, interior space and style. I recently updated that BMW X6 facelift another luxury car from BMW.

The BMW X6 facelift Another Luxury Car from BMW

BMW group India has finally launched the much talked facelift version of BMW X6 in India with price starting at Rs. 78.90 lakh. It is one of the most anticipated SUVs of the year that caught the attention of many at the New York Motor show held earlier this year. It is a premium SUV vehicle with a DNA of a coupe and premium Luxury car and it is coming in as two variants xDrive40d (diesel) and xDrive50i (petrol). Now, the BMW X6 launched at the event held in Faridabad, New Delhi, where the company has started a new showroom. This car has got some of the interesting luxury features that return complete value for your money. This facelift version has somewhat failed to live up to the expectation of buyers in terms of the appearance. However, the major modification includes the all new spoke model alloy wheels instead of regular alloy wheels that add the elegance to the vehicle.
Now we shall discuss about the most important BMW X6 features and technical specification that explain that why the vehicle is so expensive. This vehicle is coming in as two variants, one with 8-cylinder petrol engine and other with 6-cylinder, 4 valve diesel engine. The petrol variant has the displacement capacity of 4395cc that can make 407 Bhp of peak power whereas the diesel version is displaced at 2995cc that can generate a whooping 306 Bhp of maximum. Both these vehicles can make 600Nm of torque power, which simply amazing. When it comes to transmission, both the high and low end variants are mated with 8-speed manual transmission gearbox enhances the luxury of the car even in heavy traffic conditions.
Now coming to the features of BMW X6 vehicles, they are incorporated with some of the common, standard and optional features that would help increase the luxury or to reduce the pricing of the vehicle. However, the common and standard features include the highly advanced DSC (dynamic stability control), ABS, and Hi-Fi music system with 16 speakers, BMW navigation, and Bluetooth connectivity for mobile connectivity, USB interface and many more.
At present the newly launched BMW X6 facelift version is considered being one of the luxurious BMW cars available in the markets. All these things explain that the BMW X6 price is very reasonable considering all the features, specifications and the quality. The new BMW X6 prices starts at Rs. 78.90 lakh for the xDrive40d diesel version and it goes up to Rs. 93.40 lakh for the petrol version. However, disappointing thing about the BMW X6 pictures are that the vehicle has not got any major changes to its body, except to its alloy wheels and to its front view. Apart from this, this vehicle looks amazing. The Tata company has launched the all new Tata Safari Storme that comes with a stylish body design and attractive front view.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Tips to avoid fraud while buying and selling a car online – Stay on the safe side

Instead of using the paper publications that we used previously, buying and selling of a car has become easier on the internet. As it is always necessary to purchase the right car that will best serve your needs, the internet offers us options of shopping around and choosing the best car in the market. Not only buying a car will require your watchful attention, but also selling your car. Everything can be done online and therefore you should leverage the speedy internet connection when it comes to buying and selling of a car. However, the internet is full of scam artists and con companies that are waiting to scam the people who are taking use of them. You should take all the steps to avoid all kinds of scams that you might face while buying or selling your car. Check out some of the ways in which you can prevent the fraud while buying or selling your car.

The enticing ads on the web to attract the nonchalant buyers and sellers

The internet is full of advertisements and this is the most common mode of promoting both the good and the bad products. You might see a wide variety of ads with regards to car selling and buying but you should measure your decision while believing in them. Here are some of the most deceiving ads that you might find.

    A low priced vehicle: You will find certain car sellers offering a price that seems too good to be true. If you really find the price to be too good to be true, it is certainly that these ads are for the late model cars that may include a VIN or a Car Fax certification. There are instances where the sellers might even require scans of some other important documents and may even charge some shipping fees in order to reap better profits out of you. Such scammers often use personal circumstances as reasons behind the exceptionally low car prices in the ads. Don’t believe in such pleas as they’re most false pleas just to make money.

    An out-of-country seller: You might even come across a seller who might claim to belong to another country. They will tell you lots of stories behind owning their car but the actual fact are that they don’t own a car but just try to scam you.

    Ask you to give personal information: There are many kinds of scammers who are waiting to take your personal information and use them for making money out of your credit card and debit card accounts. You should therefore avoid giving any kind of personal information to the car sellers online so as to stay safe.

So, when you’re transacting online with a car seller or buyer, you should avoid such frauds that are mentioned above. Always play safe especially while you’re transacting online. Tata Safari Storme is an affordable luxury SUV from India.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Tata Safari Storme , an affordable luxury SUV from India

Tata Motor group is one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the India, head quarters in Mumbai and running its business in many parts of this world. The company has entered the passenger vehicle market in 1991 and launched their Tata Seirra and later it launched few other passenger vehicles that took the markets amazingly. Now the company has launched the all new Tata Safari Storme that comes with a stylish body design and attractive front view. It falls in SUV car segment and its pricing starts at just Rs. 9.95 lakh This Formidable SUV had been showcased at the Delhi auto expo 2012, where it caught the attention of many in the four-wheeler market.
Tata Safari Storme
The Tata Safari Storme price was expected to be in the range of Rs. 10 lakh and making out expectations right, the company launched it with a base price tag of just Rs. 9.95 lakh. This latest SUV has got very attractive looks and has a pretty front fa├žade with a big radiator grille. It also got a brilliantly crafted out head lamp cluster, which can be seen in the Tata Safari Storme pictures. The sides of this SUV are very sleek and smooth with the alloy wheels enhancing the beauty and elegance of this car.
Tata Safari Storme
The all new Tata Safari Storme is coming with a 2.2 liter, DOHC, VariCOR diesel engine with a displacement capacity of about 2179cc that can make a maximum torque of 320 Nm and a peak power of 140 Bhp. It is integrated with 4 cylinders and mated with a 5-speed manual transmission gear box. Apart from this there are some of the highly advanced features incorporated to the new Tata Safari Storme that makes it one of the luxury SUVs in the segment.
Tata Safari Storme
The all new Tata Safari Storme features include ABS with EBD combined with Disc brakes that allows the driver to have full control over the vehicle. It also includes 2 airbags, music system, electronic stability program and many more features. This vehicle is available in the markets in an overall seven variants price ranging from Rs. 9.95 lakh to 13.66 lakh, which is very competitive. This vehicle will be competing with another Indian SUV Mahindra Scorpio, which is leading the SUV market in India. However, with the launch of Tata Safari Storme, Tata cars are expecting to gain the top slot in Indian markets. If you are just looking for an affordable luxury SUV then go for the all new Tata Safari Storme as it got everything that you needed in a car. The popular German automaker, Porsche is ready to launch its new models in india.