Thursday, 16 February 2012

Volvo S100 future model to go into production soon

Reports are that Swedish car maker, Volvo has released patent sketches of their upcoming luxury saloon Volvo S100. So now the fleet of this car manufacturer is bound to grow. As for this new model, we have been told that it draws a lot of inspiration from the new Volvo Universe concept that was showcased at the Shanghai Motor Show. As for competition this new luxury sedan will give BMW 7 series and similar high end models a run for their money.

So, these patent sketches definitely give an insight as to what this new sedan will look like once it goes in for production. Interestingly the rear end of both the concept and the drawings still carries that same look that we are familiar with, just the same as Volvo S60 or Volvo S80 that Volvo models that are currently available in India. However this is the only similarity that S100 has with the existing models otherwise this saloon has an exceptionally done up frontal look featuring steep cut design lines. The head lights and the grille that will adorn the front view of the model will match with each other and will  have a layered built. Interestingly to ease the passenger exit and entry into the cabin there will the suicide doors each opening in the opposite direction, do not be misled by the name these doors are very safe and secure only they require minimal effort to open and close.

This model will also feature converging alloy wheels at the center adding on a contrasting effect to the complete layout of the car model. Again this model will be certainly  a sight to behold as it will perfectly blend the rounded shape over the angular frame, so on the whole it is going to be strikingly different from any of the carmakers previous models. As already mentioned, the patent drawings are like the Volvo Universe concept, so we are hoping that the interiors of the Universe concept are also carried forward into this new model. Volvo XC60 is a high power SUV from the Volvo India.

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