Thursday, 14 June 2012

BMW 3-Series F30 Coming on 19th July

Bavarian Motor Works is generally known as BMW. Car enthusiasts throughout the world are just crazy for this German manufacturer, which was established in 1917. BMW is headquartered at Germany and basically deals in the production of luxury cars and superbikes. BMW has dominated the car industry from past 95 years and still its craze is escalating. BMW cars are brimful of luxury, elegance and comfort. Even after completing 95 years, BMW cars continue to propel the same high-quality image.With its flawless parts and innovative designs, BMW has always made its customers awe-struck and spellbound. Not only they are beyond luxury class but also impressive and fast.

BMW 3 Series
BMW cars depict the perfect combination of comfort and luxury through its interiors, while impeccable performance and design through its exteriors. BMW South Africa shows off first F30-based 3 series racer. BMW is all set to launch its sixth generation 3-series, F30. With the launch of F30, BMW is all set to compete against Mercedes, Volvo, Volkswagen, and Audi. The F30 sixth generation 3-series is highly upgraded in terms of style and machinery and it will definitely be providing better comfortable ride and interiors than existing models. The BMW 3 series are compact executive cars available in both diesel and petrol variants. BMW 3 Series F30 specifications include turbocharged 4 cylinder 2.0 (245 hp) and 3.0 (306 hp) petrol or 2.0 diesel (184 hp) engines. It will be equipped with alloy wheels, Bluetooth connectivity, and professional radio with 6.5 inch color screen.
BMW car keys could soon double as your credit card. BMW 3 Series F30 features keyless starting, cruise control and automatic boot opening. The BMW 3-Series F30 measures 4.62 m in length (+9 cm), 1.43 in height (+3 cm), is 1.81 wide (+3 cm) with a wheelbase of 2.81 m (+5 cm) meant for a spacious passenger segment. This will provide back seaters to have extra legroom and comfortable journey. BMW 3 series F30 pictures a car that every car savvy wants to grab on. There is no doubt that BMW has set the benchmark of luxury in the past, and with the cars like that of 3-series, it will continue to reign the luxury car segment. BMW 3 series F30 is the most awaited car of the year as it will start the year of sixth generation cars for BMW. It will be worth waiting for F-30. BMW is perfectly described by its tagline “the ultimate driving machine”. BMW has created perfectly designed cars providing ultimate driving experience. The company is committed to provide quality along with the performance, which it has proved in the last 95 years. BMW 3 series F30 is altogether complete in itself. It is the perfect choice for the customers who don’t want to compromise in terms of quality and performance.I shared that 2012 Mercedes Benz M Class Anticipated to Launch on 15th May.

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