Friday, 27 July 2012

BMW launching Three Variants of BMW 3 series on 27th July

BMW has always worked to provide its customers with high performing vehicles enriched with great elegance. And BMW 3 series too seems to comply with the trend as performance is high class and beauty is just eye catching. The BMW vehicle was launched in European market and now all set to hit the Indian showrooms on 27th July 2012. The success achieved in Europen market clearly reveals the vehicle is going to get warm response from Indian customers. Along with that, the initial buzz in the industry and media suggest a number of people are desperately waiting for this vehicle to arrive in the market. Advance booking has already started and it’s getting a high trending graph with every passing day.

The company is launching three variants of this vehicle named BMW 3 series 320d, 320i and 328i. All three models have quite some differences in their features and designed according to the requirements of the customers. Where 320d is somewhere centered for budget conscious customers, BMW 3 series 320i is something which is providing high end performance without affecting the pocket too much. The last variant named 328i is a high class luxury car primarily targeting the audience who are willing to pay some extra bucks to purchase a luxury vehicle. Alongside all the differences, these three cars carrying the quality streak established by BMW and never seem to compromise with anything. BMW 3-Series F30 had came on 19th July.

History of BMW 3 series cars is very interesting. As long as exteriors are concerned, the company has made quite a few changes from it prior models. There is a stretched grille and improved headlights, along with muscular bonnet. The length of the vehicle has been increased by 93 mm and wheelbase has also been stretched by 50 mm. Use of new exotic material decreased the weight of the car by 40 kg. While the first two models are more centered towards providing performance and power, the BMW 3 series 328i pays more attention towards elegance. Hence a number of improvements are made in the interiors as well. Going for the interior of these BMW cars, the dashboard is tilted towards the driver which gives it a 3D look. The 328i is also equipped with a sport trim which entails a bright red stripe running across from one side to another. A number of automated controls are installed in the vehicle which include a widescreen infotainment display, iDrive system and drive performance control. The price of these BMW 3 series cars start from 26 lakh. New BMW 3 series launching tomorrow in india.

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