Monday, 16 July 2012

Chevrolet Spin Car Review

At the time of launching Chevrolet Cobalt Sedan last year, Chevrolet cars were not so confident they will be able to win the heart of their customers in such a way. The vehicle started a new era in segment of MPV’s and put the company on the front seat of such car manufacturers. Now, excited with their previous success, the General Motors are planning to launch a new series of cars with a tagline of “spin it”. Chevrolet Spin, as the name decided for the car is all set to arrive in the market pretty soon with its ever expected performance and beauty. The car is designed and developed by GM Brazil and currently under the testing mode in all parts of the world. The car is equipped with a number of high-end features including 103.1 inches wheelbase, mechanical hardware and Cobalt design on it.
Chevrolet Spin

All these Chevrolet Spin features make it a suitable car for rough roads. If you are a lover of tough car which is not easily breakable, this vehicle is especially designed for you. Even the first glance of the car is going to impress you. Performance, interior, exterior, power, virtually in every aspect the car has an additional edge over its competitors. As there is some time before the car to arrive into the market, the company has unveiled a number of Chevrolet Spin pictures which are able to exhibit the true elegance of the vehicle. The interior is designed in such a way all seven people sitting in the car feel a royal comfort for themselves. Cobalt is the main ingredient utilized for manufacturing of the car and most of its parts are built with the same. Partially digital instruments, cluster, steering wheel and center console design are some of the trump cards of the vehicle.

The car has a high load capacity of 162 liters which can be extended up to 710 liters in a five seat configuration and 1,668 liters by folding down the middle seat. The Chevrolet car is made available in two variants name five-seater LT and seven-seater LTZ. The former is equipped with power steering, standard air conditioning, anti breaking system, power windows and height adjustable driver’s seat. The later model is equipped with all these features along with some additional attributes like third row of seats, trip computer, parking sensor and steering wheel controls. General Motors has not yet confirmed anything about the Chevrolet Spin price but it’s expected the power house will be available at quite pocket friendly prices. There is going to be a slight difference in between the cost of LT and LTZ models and you can choose the suitable one depending upon your budget and requirements. I shared that Renault Fluence facelift is coming in the first quarter of 2013.

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