Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Ford Focus ST Review

The latest news in automobile industry is about the official launching of Ford Focus ST estate, the car from Ford. The early feedback of the customers and experts suggests it's going to get good reputation and popularity amongst its customers. 204 mm longer than hatch and 21 mm higher, this car prove it to be a perfect family car. As expected, the boot is also longer, wider and higher and does also possess some other features like seats down and no spare tyre. The weight of the car is 1368kg which make it a perfect mate of the roads. Ford cars have enabled this vehicle with four-pot engine and can reach to 0-60 mph in just 6.2 sec. Top speed of the car is 154 mph and it's presently available in petrol model.

The Ford Focus ST features do not stop here as the car is equipped with a number of other excellent characteristics which makes it an ideal luxury car. The interiors and exteriors are just eye catching. The 2000cc car does possess some of the features which are not available in any other vehicle at the moment. Not to forget, there is quality of Ford to support, which has always been considered for its supreme performance. The company has announced the vehicle will be equipped with a turbo over boost feature, which will increase the power output of the car. The engine is able to produce 247hp of power and 360 Nm of peak torque at 3000 RPM. According to Ford's calculations, the new technology will be able to increase the power of the car up to a significant level, which will make it one of the finest performance cars in the industry.

A number of other improvements are made with the brakes, wheels and steering as well. Checking out some Ford Focus ST pictures is necessary here to comprehend the real beauty of the car. Providing high end performance and elegance has always been a quality of Ford and same is the case with this vehicle. This car is an excellent example of providing superb performance without compromising with the beauty. The Ford Focus ST price is expected to be around Rs 12-15 lakhs. Getting such features at this price is really a good deal and this car genuinely deserves a try. Having so many competitors in the industry, the road to success is not going easy for the vehicle but its anticipated people will love it who wants to try something new. I shared that Renault Clio officially unveiled.

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