Monday, 19 November 2012

Tips to avoid fraud while buying and selling a car online – Stay on the safe side

Instead of using the paper publications that we used previously, buying and selling of a car has become easier on the internet. As it is always necessary to purchase the right car that will best serve your needs, the internet offers us options of shopping around and choosing the best car in the market. Not only buying a car will require your watchful attention, but also selling your car. Everything can be done online and therefore you should leverage the speedy internet connection when it comes to buying and selling of a car. However, the internet is full of scam artists and con companies that are waiting to scam the people who are taking use of them. You should take all the steps to avoid all kinds of scams that you might face while buying or selling your car. Check out some of the ways in which you can prevent the fraud while buying or selling your car.

The enticing ads on the web to attract the nonchalant buyers and sellers

The internet is full of advertisements and this is the most common mode of promoting both the good and the bad products. You might see a wide variety of ads with regards to car selling and buying but you should measure your decision while believing in them. Here are some of the most deceiving ads that you might find.

    A low priced vehicle: You will find certain car sellers offering a price that seems too good to be true. If you really find the price to be too good to be true, it is certainly that these ads are for the late model cars that may include a VIN or a Car Fax certification. There are instances where the sellers might even require scans of some other important documents and may even charge some shipping fees in order to reap better profits out of you. Such scammers often use personal circumstances as reasons behind the exceptionally low car prices in the ads. Don’t believe in such pleas as they’re most false pleas just to make money.

    An out-of-country seller: You might even come across a seller who might claim to belong to another country. They will tell you lots of stories behind owning their car but the actual fact are that they don’t own a car but just try to scam you.

    Ask you to give personal information: There are many kinds of scammers who are waiting to take your personal information and use them for making money out of your credit card and debit card accounts. You should therefore avoid giving any kind of personal information to the car sellers online so as to stay safe.

So, when you’re transacting online with a car seller or buyer, you should avoid such frauds that are mentioned above. Always play safe especially while you’re transacting online. Tata Safari Storme is an affordable luxury SUV from India.

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