Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Nissan Micra Primo A Special Edition Car

The Japanese auto maker Nissan has recently launched the Ranbir Kapoor special edition of its most popular Nissan cars Micra. The hatchback is given the name of Primo and it’s currently available in the showrooms all around the country. The vehicle is arriving with some additional accessories; however one will have to pay Rs. 22,000 more over the current price. But this price is completely suitable keeping the features of the new car in mind. The new features added to the Nissan Micra Primo entails double DIN Kenwood stereo embedded with Bluetooth and USB, LED lamps on the wing mirrors and rear parking sensor. The car is launched in four super performing models named as Nissan Micra Primo XL petrol version, XV petrol, XV diesel and XV Premium diesel. Thus, we can understand the customers have two options, petrol as well as diesel engines. The vehicle is available in pearl white color which looks stunning. A number of other features are also entailed into the vehicle to give it a sportier look.
Nissan Micra Primo
The petrol variant of Nissan Micra features a 1.2L, 1198cc engine churning out 76PS of peak power and 104Nm of peak torque. On the other hand, the diesel variant is arriving with a much powerful engine of 1461cc and capable of producing 64PS of peak power and 140Nm of peak torque. The petrol engine has EFI system while the diesel engine is launched with CRP system.
The company has clear strategy behind launching the vehicle at the edge of festive season, which is considered as the most auspicious time to purchase anything. Along with that, the company has also appointed Ranbir Kapoor as its brand ambassador keeping the fact in mind that he is the hot favorite star after the success of his movies “Barfi” and “Rockstar”.  The youth of India is crazy about him and willing to purchase anything promoted by him, as it was stated in a Nissan Micra review.
Nissan Micra Primo
In the month of October, Nissan has recorded a tremendous growth of 64.24 percent in its sales. Now, to continue this success story, the company is launching the special edition of Micra. Along with this, Nissan is also planning to introduce the much awaited MPV Evalia in upcoming time. Arrival of these two vehicles will surely enrich the manufacturers with better results in upcoming time. And the finest factor is Nissan Micra price which is still very much affordable even after a small increment. One thing is sure here, the customers are going to receive a pleasant surprise this festive season.

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