Monday, 25 March 2013

Jaguar XJ ultimate has starting price of 1.78 crore

Jaguar XJ Ultimate, the brand new vehicle in the XJ series cars has now got some amazing set of features along with redefined luxury. This vehicle is the one that really makes you excited about its redefined luxury, comforts and features offered inside the car. The British luxury car maker and the fully owned subsidiary of the Tata Motors India has launched this vehicle with two engine options with 3.0 liter diesel and 5.0 liter petrol engine as well. The new Jaguar XJ ultimate price ranges from Rs. 1.78 crore to Rs. 1.88 crore (price based on ex showroom price, New Delhi), which seems to be very expensive but look at the luxury and the features inside the car, which is something never seen before.
Jaguar XJ ultimate
There is no doubt that the customers will be getting complete value for their money in the form of XJ ultimate edition car. The company has placed this vehicle in the top end luxury saloon car segment where it has got competition from the likes of BMW, and Mercedes. There is a lot on offer for the rear occupants in this vehicle where they can watch videos, enjoy high definition music, have a champagne and can even get some massage by having a comfortable seat. Both the individual seats at the rear have been integrated with a massage function that offers massage to the rear occupants.
Jaguar XJ ultimate
The company has made sure that the occupants in the rear cabin will get to experience the real taste pure luxury and for which they have put in a lot of efforts on the rear part of the inside cabin and setup a new benchmark in the segment. This indeed will allow the occupants of the rear cabin to experience business class luxury while enjoying to the features inside the car. There is a central console given in between the individual seats that has got a pop up tray that is controlled electrically and it can be used to place your drinks. As you can see in the Jaguar XJ Ultimate pictures that there is a champagne chiller placed in between the seats and on top of the central console that keeps your champagne chilled all the time.
Jaguar XJ ultimate
If it comes to the Jaguar XJ Ultimate features, it has got two iPads at the rear side of the front seats, GPS navigation system, advanced 20 speaker meridian audio system and lots of others. When it comes to specifications, it is powered by 5.0 liter petrol and 3.0 liter diesel engine option as well. The 3.0 liter 2993cc diesel engine releases 275Bhp of peak power and 600Nm of peak torque while the 5.0 liter 5000cc supercharged petrol engine make 510Bhp maximum power and 625Nm of maximum torque. It is now perhaps the most advanced vehicle of all Jaguar cars, which indeed will give you to an ultimate experience.  

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Finally Chevrolet Sail U VA PS Sees Daylight

Finally, the long wait is over after speculations of months regarding the diesel variant of Chevrolet Sail U VA. This exclusive diesel variant launched by Chevrolet Cars is termed as Chevrolet Sail U VA PS. It is finally revealed with a price of Rs. 5.29 Lakhs (Ex. Showroom Delhi). The price of this Hatchback seems to be 30K cheaper than the entry level LDI models of Maruti Suzuki's venture Swift. As everyone is aware of the fact that Chevrolet Cars had already updated all the details regarding this variant on the official website, only the wait was for an official announcement which is made today.
Chevrolet Sail U VA
Chevrolet Sail U VA was introduced in the last quarter of 2012. This Hatchback was lined up against the leading segment of the market, Maruti Suzuki Swift. But it was unable to attract viewers and failed to provide any stiff competition to Swift. Hence, in order to create a scintillating impression upon the car-lovers minds and get hold of the Indian Car Market, the all new diesel variant Chevrolet Sail U VA PS is introduced. The company has also reduced the price of its petrol variant from Rs. 4.44 Lakhs to Rs. 4.19 Lakhs in a desperate attempt to get an edge over Maruti Suzuki's Swift. Undoubtedly, a lot of hard work is put in to make it shine.
Chevrolet Sail U VA
Chevrolet Sail U VA PS pictures clearly show that no modifications have been carried out in this compartment. Although, the interior has gone through the hammer and it has seen several new additions and alterations as well. Well, features such as ABS, EBD, Audio System, Airbags, Rear Wiper, and Defogger might be missing but Chevrolet Sail U VA PS features manually operated air conditioner, tilt adjusted steering wheel, front power windows, electrically adjustable OVRMs, Fabric Seats and Remote Boot Opener. All these decent features make it an interesting buy in this price circle. Chevrolet Sail U VA PS Price seems fine considering that its a diesel vehicle. Fuel cost as well as maintenance cost is low as compared to petrol variant. It is just Rs. 5.29 Lakhs, quite low as compared to the other similar hatchbacks in this price range. It is believed that unlike the failure of its petrol variant, it would fetch good audiences. Let's wait for the time and see what happens with its fate. Lets hope for the best and keep the fingers crossed. 

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Maruti Suzuki Estilo NLive Limited Edition A Revamped Version of Estilo

The car maker that has attained the love of the people since its inception and has long remained a dark horse in the auto making industry then it is none other than the Maruti cars. These have been the real great performers on and off road as well. The significant aspects of the fuel-efficiency, the cost-effectiveness and obviously the mileage and comfort delivered by the cars of this brand have served all the riding needs of India. Having the first car as Maruti has always been the first choice of many. Some of the models of this auto maker though alike other car makers too, haven't done well though.
Maruti Suzuki Estilo NLive
Taking the practical example of the Estilo. It hasn't been selling as expected from that of Maruti car, the numbers in the sales charts haven't done that well. Therefore to release the stock from the stables, the maker has decided to revamp the whole issue and introduce a new car. So that Estilo could be sold alike it elder Zen. The refreshed version as planned by the maker, of Estilo is out now and has been suffixed with Nlive. Though many new addons have been put over this version but car has been made to remain mechanically same. Yes the new and improved Zen Estilo has been released by Maruti Suzuki.
Maruti Suzuki Estilo NLive
Maruti Estilo NLive features steer wheel toned in twice to give better looks, the seats have been clad in fine quality leather. The rear seats have pockets that are styled like kangaroo pockets, the cushions for back rest have been stuffed with good fabrics. There is double DIN JVC audio system that has a bluetooth connectivity, the dual cone speakers are broad by 16 cms and the boot mats still boast the new Nlive graphics. There is parcel tray at the back and is colored in beige. The mudflaps come colored same as body type, the body has been clothed with graphic wraps and wheels are completely covered with Nlive decals. These features have made the car more feature rich and now it might look better when it shall roll out from the showrooms. 14 new features have been added to this variant and the whole pack of these feature will amount to Rs 23,000 more but the special customer price is now Rs 15000. Maruti Estilo NLive price hasn't made an official news though. Maruti Estilo NLive pictures are out and have created a lot of anticipation to the new buyers.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Own Skoda Rapid for just Rs 8999 per month

Buying the new Skoda Rapid has been made easier now. But as a good opportunity comes knocking only once, the offering to avail the luxury of sedan at a much affordable price is limited too. Skoda Finance Pvt Ltd, a body working under the Volkswagen Finance Private Limited, has come up with this plan to make the sedan available to people at an effective EMI of Rs. 8999, that too for a limited amount of time. The new scheme has lend the future buyers to reckon on how to draw their attention once again at buying the saloon. Since now it can be availed with an option of monthly EMI. Skoda cars have already gathered lot of admiration and trust from people and now buying the Skoda sedan with such offer will assist the firm to gain more market share.
Skoda Rapid
More to the effective and competitive pricing of the car, the wagon has sufficient space to stuff your stuff, the quality of saloon, being premium one, comes as standard feature, rather than optional. The scheme, serves not only to finance you but also to for the purpose of upgrading your Skoda Rapid. All this at an extremely affordable EMI. One fact that should be kept in mind all this while is that the offer is limited. To speak on the product, Skoda Rapid is mainly a result of rebadge engineering. Skoda’s partner Volkswagen, lend the Vento platform, so as to bring about the new Skoda Rapid. The insides and even most of the outsides are similar to that of Vent, some turnout elements like, front fascia, seems to have been captured from Fabia. A wagon made out, externally and internally from, the Fabia and Vento, can only finally attain higher value than other cars in the market.
Skoda Rapid
With platform by Volkswagen and with trust of Skoda, the rapid sales of Rapid, is evident. The choices over engine offered consist of the both the fuel types, petrol and diesel. Capacity of engine is 1.6 liter. The petrol version can be availed with six speed automatic transmission. Skoda Rapid features boot lid, ORVMs that can be adjusted electrically. Recently more features have been added to Active and Ambition variants of the car. Due to the Skoda Rapid price has gotten higher in the price chart, though not much can be distinguished as far as the looks are concerned. Skoda Rapid pictures over the Internet have build the inevitable excitement. There is considerable rush at the Skoda dealerships across India.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The facelifted 2013 Toyota Etios Liva spotted, to be launched soon

Toyota Cars are renowned across the global markets for their stylish exteriors and peppy engines, which deliver a splendid performance. The company is one of the leading manufacturer's and distributor of passenger cars in the country. Their fleet of automobiles have at least one vehicle for almost all the segments in the car market. They also have a charming hatchback, Toyota Etios Liva in their esteemed stable, which was first launched in year 2010 and since then have been doing impressive business for the company. Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited is offering this stylish hatchback with both petrol as well as diesel engine based variants for the customers to choose from. The company is now bringing in a refurbished facelifted version of this hatchback with quite a number of changes to it.

Toyota Etios Liva
These impressive changes include wider wheels that will help in the balancing of the added power, which has been given to its engine, a revamped suspension system to keep this hatchback stable on any road condition, an enhanced braking system that will ensure that this vehicle is in control of the driver all the time. This new variant will be sporting a power packed 1500cc engine, which will have refined power and torque output as well.
Toyota Etios Liva
The existent Toyota Etios Liva Price is in the range of Rs. 4.48 lakh to Rs. 6.23 lakh (both prices ex-showroom New Delhi) and which also includes all the variants of petrol and diesel engine models. The Toyota Etios Liva Features are top of the line along with being utility based and very practical. These include a 2-DIN music system that has an integrated MP3/CD player along with a Radio FM, four speakers, a remote control and other input options such as a USB interface and an AUX-In port as well, a responsive power steering wheel, all power windows, an efficient HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) unit that cools the entire cabin very quickly and many more such aspects, which will certainly attract the customers into buying it. The Toyota Etios Liva Pictures reveal that not many changes have been done to the exteriors of this latest addition, but at the same time the exteriors are arresting and will certainly amaze the customers. Some other reports state that the company has used higher quality plastic material for the insides along with a refreshing new interior color scheme, which will further give a lively feel to the insides of this hatchback. Other features include a refined dashboard with a smooth finish, better switch gear and sleek door panels, which will further enhance the interiors of this hatchback. All these and many more features put together will certainly improve the sales of this lively hatchback and the company is looking forward for better business from this segment as well.

The Chevrolet Sail U-VA hatchback now starts at Rs. 4.19 lakh after a price cut

Chevrolet India has one of the most formidable and charming fleet of vehicles existing in the Indian car market. The company was in the news recently for launching a wonderful and economically priced sedan for the Indian customers. The hatcback of this model line up which is called as the Chevrolet Sail U VA was launched last year in the country amid a lot of fanfare. This hatchback has been doing well for the company since then and now the company has surprised the Indian car enthusiasts but slashing down the prices of this hatchback by about Rs. 25000, which is rather considerable. This decrease in the price is said to done as the company wanted a bigger difference in the prices of the recently launched sedan and the hatchback. All the Chevrolet Cars prevalent in the car market have been equipped with performance packed engines and integrated with some top of the line aspects as well for the customers to choose from. The Chevrolet Sail U VA Price for the entry level variant is presently starting at Rs. 4.19, which is the ex-showroom price for this vehicle in New Delhi.
Chevrolet Sail U-VA
The Chevrolet Sail U VA Pictures show that this hatchback has a sleek and stylish body line with some very striking features. On the other hand, the company has also included quite a number of safety and comfort aspects into this vehicle. The list of these Chevrolet Sail U VA Features comprises of a sophisticated audio system that has an integrated MP3 and CD player with an FM tuner as well. This music system has four speakers along with other input options such as an Aux-in interface along with a USB input as well. Other features include, power windows, electrically adjustable OVRMs, a power steering that can be adjusted, a digital tachometer, an internal courtesy lamp, a luggage compartment lamp. Then there is also a digital clock, a rear windscreen wiper with washing function along with a defogger, rear parcel tray and many other such aspects, which will certainly entice the customers.
Chevrolet Sail U-VA
The company has also equipped this hatchback with a performance packed petrol engine. This engine is a 1.2-litre mill, which has 4-cylinders and 16-valves and can churn out an excellent 84.8bhp at 6000rpm in combination with a peak torque yield of 113Nm at 5000rpm, which is rather impressive. Whereas, the diesel variants have been equipped with the highly acclaimed SMARTEC based, 1.3-litre, CRDi (common rail direct injection) multijet engine, which is prevalent in quite a few other cars in the country as well. This influential diesel mill has the capacity to displace close to 1248cc and also has the capability to produce a peak power yield of 76.9bhp at 4000rpm in combination with a pounding maximum torque output of 205Nm at 1750rpm, which is very good for the Indian road conditions. 

Monday, 11 March 2013

Honda Amaze Diesel Will Have Better features Than its Predecessor

Undoubtedly, Honda Amaze Diesel is the most awaited car of 2013. There has been immense eagerness and anxiety in people regarding its looks, features, and price. Ever Since, Honda Cars revealed their plans of its official launch in April, a lot of speculations are surrounding the Indian Car market. Recently, some of its specifications and premium features were leaked online. Here we will try to give you a sneak peak of some of its exquisite features.
Honda Amaze
Apparently, It has been learned that Honda Amaze would be quite high from the ground, thus suiting the Indian roads. It will probably have a ground clearance of 165mm. This makes it more convenient and suitable for the complicated and sloppy Indian roads. Furthermore it would have a 4.6 meter turning radius to adjust to the nature of narrow Indian roads. It is quite evident from the leaked Honda Amaze Pictures that it would be mixture of luxury and rigidness. Other than this, it is rumored to have featuring manual Air Conditioning, Dual Airbags, ABS & EBD, Driver's seat height adjustment, Rear demister, Blinkers integrated ORVMs, Center armrest with rear seat cup-holders, 400-litre boot, Fabric seats with integrated head-rests, front chrome grill along with Rear chrome garnish. By looking at this exclusive range of features, one can quite comfortably propound that Honda Amaze Features are just awesome.
Honda Amaze
Its interior is said to be quite similar to the one that Honda Brio had. But here also, it appears to be more enigmatic and superior. The Engine specifications and other technical details were already known to public. But yes, it is now revealed that it would be launched in five colors. The colors are Black, Silver, White, Grey and Blue. Fuel economy would be 23kmpl which can considered good enough. Talking about the tires and other wheel specifications, it is believed that it would have 8-spoke 14 inches alloy wheels and 175/65 R14 tires. It would give the customer an option to choose between the two Engines. Either 1.2-liter Petrol Engine (Brio's Engine) or 1.5-liter i-DTEC Diesel Engine. Choice lies in customer's hands. Reportedly, the power output yielded by both the engines would also be quite similar which is around 85-90BHP. Hence, one needs not to get puzzled in this segment. Last but certainly not the least is Price. Honda Amaze Price is not revealed yet, but it is rumored to be available in Indian Car Market at price around Rs. 5.5-6.0 Lakhs.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Ford Figo celebration edition launched at just Rs. 4.15 lakh

Ford Motors India, the American auto maker's Indian wing has launched the celebration edition of the Ford Figo in India with a price starting at just Rs. 4.15 lakh. This celebration edition of Figo was launched in order to mark the third anniversary of the car in the markets. Ever since it was launched in the markets in the year 2010, it performed exceptionally well for the company in terms of sales and managed to achieve a sales mark of over 2,70,000 units in the markets. According to the company statistics, this car accounts for over 80 percent of the total sales.
Ford Figo
This explains everything about this small car and how it has become one of the most favorite small cars in the segment. The company has given some extraordinary features to the car that makes it even more exciting. Recently, it has received the facelift in the year 2012 and now it has received some additional set of features as well as some cosmetic updates that gives a fresh new look to the small car. This will definitely gives a boost to the sales of the company in the auto markets and gives tough times to the other car manufacturers.
Ford Figo
At present the sales of the Ford cars is not up to the mark in India, which is why the reason why company is looking towards new models. Now coming to the additional Ford Figo features, it has got a new Satellite Navigation system, rear parking sensor, and the new limited edition upholstery. If it comes to the changes outside, the car has got new branded scuff plates, and new celebration edition graphics that are designed by the most popular designer duo Shantanu and Nikhil. There is no change to the specification or features of the car and all the features and engine specifications will remain the same as its existing variant. The company has launched this vehicle in two variants one will host a 1.2 liter petrol engine and the other one sports a 1.4 liter diesel engine. The new Ford Figo price starts at Rs. 4.15 lakh and goes up to Rs. 5.16 lakh. This is a celebration edition version and it will be available for only limited period of time. Hence, customers who are looking towards purchasing an affordable hatchback must make their way towards the nearest dealer of the Ford cars to place an order for the latest celebration edition vehicle. The new edition looks stunning, especially because of the new design graphics that makes it look very stylish and sportier as you can see in the Ford Figo videos.