Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Advent of Mercedes Benz A-Class in India

Mercedes Benz cars legacy will soon be getting an addition with one of its most anticipated A-class launching in India by 30th May. All new A-class has been observed while its testing rides on Indian roads seem a strategic mode for Mercedes to introduce this new car as well as get back the hold of the premium car segment in India. The luxury car market was once ruled by this brand, but in few years, company has somehow loosened the catch of this market. Mercedes Benz A-class will be a fruitful extension to the portfolio of Mercedes. There was a period of time when Mercedes was in the preference list of all CEO's and senior people, but now it has gained the place in the wish list by youths. Company went thoroughly with the market demands, and came with amazing sporty appearing car, yet retaining the brand virtues in this model.

Mercedes Benz A Class

The official reports covering the launch event of this car says that A-class will get a sneak peek before the official launch. More detailed coverage reveals that there was a private launch bash organized at Shaman Wheels, dealers of this particular German brand. Recently this car was spotted in Kolkata, and it is anticipated that next unveiling will be organized at the same place. The initial lot of A-class will roll down via CBU route and will have AMG body kit which is used to upgrade the visual appeal of the car. Moving to the engine specifications of the car, the petrol version of it is christened as A180 and has a 1.6 litres mill under the hood which is capable to give the power output of 121 bhp, while the diesel variant of this car will have 1.5 litres engine competent to generate peak power of 108 bhp. Mercedes Benz A-class features are amazingly refined one as the performance of the car has been enhanced to a greater level. The gear shifts are again so very smooth and syncs beautifully with the engine. The ride through this car is butter smooth mainly because of light chassis and awesome suspension provided.

Mercedes Benz A Class

Mercedes Benz A-class pictures reveals a muscular structure given to it, very stylish looks blended with a sporty appearance, makes this car really appealing to the eyes. The character lines of the car are sharp enough which meets the scooped in space. The exterior of the car screams youth, moreover the LED clusters fitted into the taillights and headlamps makes this car looks aggressive. The interiors of the car are designed keeping in mind the brand virtues of the car. The plush cabin with chrome finish makes it look lavish. To add the luxury statement to it, an 18 cm LCD screen is fitted on the dash through which host of functions can be operated. Mercedes Benz A-class pPrice is still to be revealed, but can be expected to be undercut compared to the D segment sedans. The car will fight the battle with Audi A3 hatchback and BMW 1 series. 

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